"I've been involved in Orange County since 1988, and in that time I have never met anyone more committed to promoting social justice and protecting the environment than Mark Marcoplos.

On March 3, Please join me in voting to re-elect our outstanding at-large County Commissioner Mark Marcoplos!"

                                         Mark Chilton - Orange County Register of Deeds and former Mayor of Carrboro


“Mark has done exceptional work as an Orange County commissioner. That is to be expected, given his years as a citizen-volunteer seeking smart solutions on issues of countywide import from land use planning to watershed protection, solid waste to economic development, transportation to energy conservation to social justice. What's more, he brings a collaborative, team-oriented spirit to fashioning public policy, an increasingly rare trait in our acrimonious age.”

                                         Barry Jacobs -- Orange County Commissioner (1998-2018). 


"During my time as your State Senator, I met many people in Orange County who have worked in their own ways to make life better for all of us.  Mark Marcoplos stands out as an exceptional leader who shares our values and will fight for the people in Orange County: public schools that prepare our children for the world they inherit from us, sustainable development that both preserves the healthy environment we all cherish and creates the jobs of the future, and communities that provide safe and affordable places for all of our neighbors to work and live.

You can count on Mark to apply his years of experience and continue to be a principled leader in developing sensible solutions for the people of Orange County. I am proud to support Mark Marcoplos for re-election to the at-large seat on the Orange County Board of Commissioners.   I hope you'll join me in supporting Mark in his campaign and voting for him in the rapidly approaching primary election in March."

                                          Ellie Kinnaird -- Mayor of Carrboro (1987-1996), N.C. State Senator (1997 - 2013)


"Mark is perhaps best known in the county for championing clean energy, climate action, affordable housing, and social justice. But, I know him best through his leadership on living wages. For the past 4 ½ years, Mark has served on Orange County Living Wage’s steering committee, guiding our decision-making with his practical, pragmatic business perspective. As Commissioner, he is always looking for ways to bring more jobs to our county, especially living wage jobs affording more opportunities for those who work here to also live, play and build community here. Most impressively, Mark walks the walk. OCLW’s very first certified living wage employer was Marcoplos Construction and through Mark’s example, over 200 other employers in the community have joined our roster since 2015. That’s the kind of strong leadership we need on Orange County’s Board of Commissioners!"

                                          Susan Romaine -- Carrboro Town Council & Orange County Living Wage (Steering Committee Chair)


"In a time of increasingly divisive politics, it is refreshing to endorse a candidate like Mark Marcoplos for County Commissioner who creates an inclusive and collaborative environment in everything he does. From watershed protection, climate change, economic development to social justice, affordable housing and more, he is a true advocate for the people of this community and has worked tirelessly for us. He has certainly earned our trust and respect and I am honored to be among his many supporters."

                                           John Santa -- Local musician, author, music producer and intrepid leader of the annual Marathon Jam that raises money to improve the lives of injured Veterans, First Responders and their families.


" I hope that you will join with me to reelect Mark Marcoplos to the at-large seat on the Orange County Board of County Commissioners. During his first term, I've been impressed with his command of complex issues, attention to details and his willingness to work hard to make our County an even better place for all of us and our future generations."

                                           Fred Black -- retired US Army Officer, management consultant, tireless community volunteer, and a long-time Chapel Hill civic leader


" I've known Mark for about 20 years and he has always been a man of integrity and strong values. Mark has always cared about low income people and supported affordable housing.

Mark is a conservationist who fully understands the need to address climate change in Orange County. For many years, Mark has devoted countless hours to community and civic issues - as an OWASA board member, a member of Orange County's economic development advisory board and as a County Commissioner."

                                                 Robert Dowling -- former Executive Director of the Community Home Trust