Sierra Club Endorsement

      NC Sierra Club Endorses Climate Champions for Orange County Commissioner

The NC Sierra Club recognizes that the greatest environmental challenge of our time is
climate change. The largest fraction of US greenhouse gases (GHG) comes from
transportation, driven by vehicle miles traveled, which is exacerbated by land use

      As such, local decisions are critical to addressing climate issues and local
actions must reflect both the scale and the urgency of this crisis. The NC Sierra Club
seeks to endorse candidates at the county level who recognize those responsibilities
and focus on both mitigating GHG emissions and seeking to make Orange County more
resilient to the impacts of climate change.

      The three incumbent Orange County Commissioners seeking re-election in contested
races in 2020 – Mark Dorosin, Mark Marcoplos, and Penny Rich - have demonstrated
records of environmental leadership. They have been visionary, proposing and leading
the charge on climate, water quality, and other issues. For example, the 2019 Orange
County climate action tax was an innovative first step to raise nearly $500,000 for local
climate action at a cost of only $2.50 per $100,000 of home value for Orange County
homeowners. Marcoplos, Rich and Dorosin all supported this groundbreaking initiative.
All three also have strong records of advocacy for environmental justice.